EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals is a privately held Icelandic pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary portfolio of compounds with epithelial barrier enhancing properties. EpiEndo is seed-funded, privately held and in preclinical development.

EpiEndo is focusing on chronic respiratory diseases. First clinical trials are planned for the year 2019.

EpiEndo is run as an international virtual organization coordinated by a team that consists of founding CEO Dr. Fridrik Runar Gardarsson and COO & CFO Birgir Magnusson, who coordinate a network of specialized service providers. 


Dr. Fridrik Runar Gardarson
CEO & Founder

Fridrik Runar studied medicine at the University of Iceland, focusing general medicine, paediatrics, anaesthesia and intensive care. 


Birgir Magnusson, M.Acc.

Birgir has a background in finance and operations, consulting, auditing and has been on the board of numerous ventures. He is a graduate of the University of Iceland. 


Fredrik Lehman, PhD.
CMC Director

Fredrik specialises in medicinal chemistry and related services and joined the EpiEndo team in 2016.

Fredrik has a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the University  of Gothenburg and has vast experience from various drug projects in different phases of development. 


Karin von Wachenfeldt, PhD. 
Head of Pre-Clinical Development

Karin has over 20 years experience from the pharmaceutical industry, she specialises in pharmaceutical development of large and small molecules. She is a graduate of the University of Lund, Sweden. 


Board members

Professor Clive Page - Chairman

Birgir Magnusson

Dr. Hjalmar Skarphedinsson

Magnus Berg Magnusson

Dr. Olafur Baldursson


Scientific advisory board

Professor Gudmundur Hrafn Gudmundsson, University of Iceland

Professor Magnus Karl Magnusson, University of Iceland

Dr. Olafur Baldursson, University Hospital of Iceland

Dr. Sigurbergur Karason, University Hospital of Iceland

Professor Thorarinn Gudjonsson, University of Iceland


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