Jennifer Kricker Joins EpiEndo

EpiEndo wants to welcome Jennifer Kricker, PhD to the team. Jennifer will take the role of Project Director. Jennifer has been involved with EpiEndo since it was founded in 2014, both as a contractor and as a key member of the Stem Cell Research Unit at the University of Iceland.

Jennifer has extensive research experience in cellular and matrix biology. During her PhD at Queensland University of Technology, Australia she characterised a trimeric growth factor complex and its effects in cancer and wound healing. After obtaining her PhD, she worked at Glostrup Hospital in Denmark investigating angiotensin signaling cascades in pancreatic beta cells. At the Danish Cancer Society, she was part of the Cell Death laboratory and was involved in two projects: examining autophagy in AML, and detecting early lysosomal membrane permeabilisation in cancer cell lines.

Within the Stem Cell Research Unit at the University of Iceland, Jennifer studied the role of epithelial cells in both breast and lung morphogenesis. Her work has contributed to patent applications and publications. During the last few years she held a dual role as scientist and laboratory manager in the Stem Cell Research Unit, University of Iceland. Fields of expertise: air-liquid inter-phase cell culture, cellular and molecular profiling of lung tissue.

We are really pleased to have Jennifer officially on board and to have a bigger role in the future development of EpiEndo.

Exciting new publication from EpiEndo staff and collaborators

Our team of scientists have published their findings on the global changes Azithromycin (Azm) causes in the gene expression of the bronchial epithelium.

Taken together, we demonstrate how Azm might confer its barrier enhancing effects, via activation of epidermal characteristics and changes to extracellular lipid dynamics. These effects of Azm could explain the unexpected clinical benefit observed during Azm-treatment of patients with various lung diseases affecting barrier function.

You can read the whole publication here:

New External Members to EpiEndo's Scientific Advisory Board

We at EpiEndo are proud to introduce new external advisers to our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and welcome Professors Peter Barnes, Dave Singh and Carl Persson to our team.

The new SAB members met with our management team and scientist in Iceland for the first time in March.
During the meeting we reviled our data and our ideas on going forward with development.

Overall, our data is unique and our development plans are sound. It is the joint opinion of our external advisers the EpiEndo is headed in a good direction with its development approach. The SAB suggested a few amendments to our clinical trial design and endpoint strategy that are all within the realm of available technologies and measurements techniques.

Peter Barnes:

“I think the proposed mechanisms is convincing and agree with the clinical development strategy that we discussed and look forward to future discussions”

Dave Singh:

“The science is exciting”

This endorsement of our development by the SAB is a major milestone for EpiEndo as all the external members are extinguished specialists and globally recognized key opinion leaders regarding epithelial biology, airway diseases, clinical trials and regulatory affairs.


We are pleased to announce that we have successfully closed a financing round of ISK 110 million (800.000 EUR). The financing was led by a syndicate of funds and angel investors. Existing investors also substantially participated in this financing.

The funds will be used to advance the pre-clinical development of the our lead program of proprietary products called “Barriolides” for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), the leading respiratory disease with over 70 million patients worldwide that has significant unmet medical need and is an increasing burden  globally.

“Barriolides” are novel molecules having barrier enhancing and potentially also the anti-inflammatory activities of azithromycin, but without anti-microbial activity that open the way for a new class of drugs that are effective and easy to administer to patients for several diseases, with potential for treating conditions even outside the respiratory field.

Commenting on EpiEndo’s future, Fredrik Lehmann, CEO of EpiEndo, stated:

“I am extremely pleased to be joining such a great team to develop what could be the next generation of treatments for a number of important respiratory diseases. EpiEndo scientific team has meticulously developed the novel Barriolide technology over a number of years, and with this recent funding we will be able to advance this important program of work to choose our first clinical candidate (CD) in 2019.”

Professor Clive Page, Chairman of EpiEndo’s Board of Directors said:

“Considering both the lead program and the breadth and depth of possible therapeutic applications for “Barriolides”, the commercial potential of EpiEndo is clearly very exciting.”

Fredrik Lehmann appointed CEO of EpiEndo

Today we are really please to welcome Fredrik Lehmann to our team as the new CEO of EpiEndo.

Fredrik has a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the University  of Gothenburg and has vast experience from various drug projects in different phases of development. In addition to being the CEO of EpiEndo, Fredrik holds the position as Head of Research and CMC at Oncopeptides in Stockholm, Sweden.

Fredrik was the founder and CEO of OnTarget Chemistry in Upsala until it was acquired by Recipharm in 2015. Our compounds were developed and built at OnTarget Chemistry by Fredrik in co-operation with EpiEndo’s founder and now former CEO, Friðrik Rúnar Garðarsson, who will now take a seat at the Board of Directors and continue his good work for EpiEndo as an active Board Member.

Grant from the Icelandic Technology Development Fund


EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals has signed a grant agreement today with the Icelandic Technology Development Fund. The Technology Development Fund’s role is to support research and development activities, which aim towards innovation in Icelandic industry. The Technology Development Fund is a competitive fund which issues its calls for proposals twice a year. The grant award is in the amount of ISK 50 million (EUR 400 thousand) and is awarded towards the pre-clinical development programs at EpiEndo.


New board members of EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals

The following were appointed to the board of Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals at the Annual General Meeting on 17 March 2017:

Professor Clive Page - Chairman

Professor of Pharmacology and Head of Sackler Institute of Pulmonary Pharmacology, Mr Page has been involved with Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals in an advisory capacity since 2016.

His full profile can be viewed at the Kings' College London website. 

Dr. Hjalmar Skarphedinsson

Dr. Skarphedinsson has a PhD in organic chemistry and is the COO of Research & Development at Omega Algae, as well as teaching at the University of Iceland's Faculty of Medicine. 

Dr. Olafur Baldursson

Chief Medical Officer, Landspitali University Hospital, Mr Baldursson has been part of the Epi-Endo Pharmaceutical Scientific Advisory Board for the past few years and has now joined our board.

Grant - Horizon 2020

EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals are proud to announce that we have been granted a Horizon 2020 grant from the European Union (EU) for the feasibility of the development of our compounds.

Horizon 2020 is a funding programme that was created by the EU to support and foster research in the European Research Area (ERA) with a budget of nearly 80bn EUR and will run until the year 2020. Collaborating in the Horizon 2020 programme raises the profile of grant recipients, as well as their expertise and facilities across new networks and partners. 

Grant - RANNÍS Technology Development Fund (Tækniþróunarsjóður)

Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce that we have received a 3 year grant from the Technology Development Fund, which is managed by RANNÍS - The Icelandic Centre for Research - and aims to support research and development activities and endorsing innovation in Icelandic technology.  Epi-Endo, in collaboration with the University of Iceland, have also received a 3 year Practical Research Project grant from the Technology Development Fund.

RANNÍS supports the Icelandic knowledge society, research and innovation as well as education and culture in Iceland. RANNIS administers competitive funds, coordinates and promotes Icelandic participation in collaborative international programmes such as the EU's Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.

New partnership - Recipharm

Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals are proud to announce our new partnership with Recipharm, a Swedish Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO). Epi-Endo and Recipharm will be collaborating in the synthesis of our novel compound, which will be led by Fredrik Lehman, our CMC Director and General Manager at Recipharm .

Recipharm was founded in 1995 and is one of the leading CDMOs in the industry. The company is listed on the Swedish stock exchange. 

Grant - RANNÍS Innovator Grant (Frumkvöðlastyrkur)


Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals has been granted a 2 year grant by RANNÍS - The Icelandic Centre for Research - for compound research and patent applications, as well as to initiate studies that will be the foundations of clinical testing and development of novel drugs for the treatment of airway diseases.        

RANNÍS supports the Icelandic knowledge society, research and innovation as well as education and culture in Iceland. RANNIS administers competitive funds, coordinates and promotes Icelandic participation in collaborative international programmes such as the EU's Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe.