New board members of EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals

The following were appointed to the board of Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals at the Annual General Meeting on 17 March 2017:

Professor Clive Page - Chairman

Professor of Pharmacology and Head of Sackler Institute of Pulmonary Pharmacology, Mr Page has been involved with Epi-Endo Pharmaceuticals in an advisory capacity since 2016.

His full profile can be viewed at the Kings' College London website. 

Dr. Hjalmar Skarphedinsson

Dr. Skarphedinsson has a PhD in organic chemistry and is the COO of Research & Development at Omega Algae, as well as teaching at the University of Iceland's Faculty of Medicine. 

Dr. Olafur Baldursson

Chief Medical Officer, Landspitali University Hospital, Mr Baldursson has been part of the Epi-Endo Pharmaceutical Scientific Advisory Board for the past few years and has now joined our board.