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EpiEndo is a privately-held pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary portfolio of drugs to address the huge global burden of chronic respiratory diseases. Over more than a decade our research into the disease etiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has led to our unique insights in inflammatory processes.

Our new class of orally-available macrolide candidate NCEs show promise as first-in-class disease-modifying therapeutics for COPD. Our lead compound is a non-antibiotic analogue of azithromycin which modulates inflammation through strengthening the lung epithelium. We are actively exploring additional potential applications for post COVID-19 treatment, where the established anti-inflammatory properties of our technology may be of value.



We operate an agile business with an experienced core team based across Iceland, Sweden, Germany and the UK, supported by global key opinion leaders and pulmonary specialists, with contractors and consultants filling other key functions.

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Prof Clive Page, OBE

Chairman of the Board

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