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EpiEndo nominated for the Nordic Life Science Awards 2019

EpiEndo has been nominated for the Nordic Life Science Business Class and Deligates choice Awards

EpiEndo is among 9 BioTechs that are nominated for the NLS “Business Class Award”. The selected companies must “show scientific excellence and run projects that have a break-through possibility or have already made it to the market adding significant value to patients”. For the“Delegates Choice Award”: the audience will be asked to vote for the company they are most likely to invest in should they be given the opportunity. The winner will be announced at the NLSDays in Malmö on the 10th of September. The nominated companies are: Akthelia (Iceland) A novel antimicrobial platform Cirqle (Denmark) Focused on developing innovative contraceptives Delsitech (Finland) New nanotech solutions in drug delivery Elypta (Sweden) Metabolic biomarkers and AI to detect cancer EpiEndo (Iceland) Focused on novel solutions for chronic airway diseases Saromics (Sweden) Protein crystallography and drug discovery services Synklino (Denmark) Eradicating cytomegalovirus infections Vaccibody (Norway)Tailored vaccine therapy Kongsberg Beam Technology (Norway) Precision against cancer Source:

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