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Jennifer Kricker Joins EpiEndo

EpiEndo welcomes Jennifer Kricker, PhD to the team. Jennifer will take the role of Project Director. Jennifer has been involved with EpiEndo since it was founded in 2014, both as a contractor and as a key member of the Stem Cell Research Unit at the University of Iceland.

Jennifer has extensive research experience in cellular and matrix biology. During her PhD at Queensland University of Technology, Australia she characterised a trimeric growth factor complex and its effects in cancer and wound healing. After obtaining her PhD, she worked at Glostrup Hospital in Denmark investigating angiotensin signaling cascades in pancreatic beta cells. At the Danish Cancer Society, she was part of the Cell Death laboratory and was involved in two projects: examining autophagy in AML, and detecting early lysosomal membrane permeabilisation in cancer cell lines.

Within the Stem Cell Research Unit at the University of Iceland, Jennifer studied the role of epithelial cells in both breast and lung morphogenesis. Her work has contributed to patent applications and publications. During the last few years she held a dual role as scientist and laboratory manager in the Stem Cell Research Unit, University of Iceland. Fields of expertise: air-liquid inter-phase cell culture, cellular and molecular profiling of lung tissue.

We are really pleased to have Jennifer officially on board and to have a bigger role in the future development of EpiEndo.

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