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Professors Peter Barnes, Dave Singh and Carl Persson join EpiEndo's Scientific Advisory Board

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

EpiEndo is proud to introduce new external advisers to our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and welcome Professors Peter Barnes, Dave Singh and Carl Persson to our team.

The new SAB members met with our management team and scientist in Iceland for the first time in March.

During the meeting we reviled our data and our ideas on going forward with development

Overall, our data is unique and our development plans are sound. It is the joint opinion of our external advisers the EpiEndo is headed in a good direction with its development approach. The SAB suggested a few amendments to our clinical trial design and endpoint strategy that are all within the realm of available technologies and measurements techniques.

“I think the proposed mechanisms is convincing and agree with the clinical development strategy that we discussed and look forward to future discussions,” commented Prof Peter Barnes; “The science is exciting", added Prof Dave Singh.

This endorsement of our development by the SAB is a major milestone for EpiEndo as all the external members are extinguished specialists and globally recognized key opinion leaders regarding epithelial biology, airway diseases, clinical trials and regulatory affairs.

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