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Therapeutic pipeline

Leading the way in respiratory disease treatment

EpiEndo's pipeline is focused on developing first-in-class, orally-available drugs to target epithelial dysfunction and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Unique approach

Novel approach to drug development for chronic inflammatory diseases, focusing on enhancing epithelial immune response to reduce inflammation

We are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by chronic inflammatory illnesses. Our therapeutic pipeline is based on over 20 years of research into macrolides, which has led to a unique understanding of their effects on the lung epithelium and its function.

Although macrolides have proven efficacious in reducing COPD exacerbations (off-label use), the potential development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) limits their widespread long term use. However, a growing body of evidence supports the clinical efficacy of macrolides for COPD - independent of antibacterial effects.

Our lead asset, EP395, built on the knowledge from macrolides, is an oral, barrier-enhancing, anti-inflammatory therapeutic candidate with reduced AMR potential designed to address chronic airway diseases such as COPD. EpiEndo is currently conducting a Phase 2a study in COPD patients.

Our pipeline continues to grow as we explore potential candidates beyond EP395. Based on our Barriolide™ concept, these innovative compounds are being assessed in preclinical studies for potential in other inflammatory indications, including in the skin and gut.

Our new class of barrier-enhancing and anti-inflammatory drugs, Barriolides™, represents a ground-breaking development in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Our therapeutic focus

A fresh perspective on chronic inflammatory disease treatment with EpiEndo's new class of barrier-enhancing and anti-inflammatory Barriolides™

Supported by world-leading KOLs, our approach identifies epithelial barrier insufficiency as a key driver of chronic inflammation.
Our Barriolides™ enhance epithelial barrier function by strengthening cell junctions and improving the epithelial immune response. Strengthening the barrier reduces inflammation as the barrier gives a better defence against infection, allergens and pollution – helping to break the cycle of chronic inflammation and exacerbations.
Our compounds have demonstrated better efficacy in pre-clinical studies than the macrolide antibiotic azithromycin when exposed to smoke, air pollution, endotoxins, and viruses. Unlike azithromycin, the antibiotic activity of our compounds is reduced below clinically significant thresholds - eliminating concerns about antibacterial resistance, which limits the use of azithromycin.
The novel Barriolide™ concept, has allowed us to build a strong intellectual property position. Our portfolio of patents on the composition of matter protects our pipeline of therapeutic assets and Barriolide™ concept, until at least 2036.